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A question about a recipe: Pasta with Prosciutto, Snap Peas, Mint and Cream

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I have a question about the recipe "Pasta with Prosciutto, Snap Peas, Mint and Cream" from lechef. I cannot find snap peas anywhere! Can I use sugar peas as a substitute? Or am I better off using frozen peas? Thank you!

asked by Meagan Cole over 2 years ago
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added over 2 years ago

I think that sugar peas would be too sweet for a savory recipe like this, but I think that frozen peas would work just fine. You can even try a little of both to see if you like it; then, if you make it again, you will know which flavor profile you prefer.

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added over 2 years ago

I've made this wonderful recipe with all manner of peas, asparagus, even green beans. It is a very adaptable and forgiving dish. Sugar peas, frozen peas or perhaps a mix of the two should be delicious. Hope that you enjoy it!

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added over 2 years ago

Fava beans would be great, too. Or even edamame. Both can be found frozen if need be.