Can anyone recommend the best online recipe organizer - I'd like to upload recipes I've saved in Word docs, add scanned in hard copies as well as add links/full text from around the Web.

  • Posted by: NanC
  • September 14, 2010


Picholine February 24, 2019
Copymethat perfect!
Kaleb February 23, 2019
I like It's recipe specific and very easy to use! Highly recommended.
James S. August 5, 2018
I also use the chrome extension:
Picholine July 24, 2018
Copymethat ap
gv_01 July 23, 2018
try - specific to helping home cooks manage their recipes online.
Charlie S. March 22, 2018
Shallot March 20, 2018
Paprika is fabulous. I have it on my iPad, iPhone, desktop and laptop, and it syncs between them. It downloads recipes from links, so you don't have to be online to use them. You can make notes on recipes, rate them, organize them into folders, and search by words in the title. I have 3000 recipes so far. You can't add in scanned recipes but you can copy and paste into the program. I've been retyping recipes gradually. I used to have 4000 index cards with recipes, and I am gradually moving them into Paprika. I don't know what I'll do if the company goes out of business. You can email recipes easily to others as well.
Picholine March 15, 2018
I love Copy Me That
Picholine March 15, 2018
Copy Me That ..can copy recipes from any where in and instant. Even off FB ..organizes, shares and prints. Will search fro the site and copy to your box.
Picholine March 15, 2018
I love copy me that ...can copy recipes from anywhere in an instant
lisa March 10, 2018
Cooking, its quick and easy to input your recipes. Adding photos a breeze, automatically formatted. Can scan into the system, but data entry has great type ahead pre loaded ingredients. Share, email or download, access anywhere on your mobile. Pro Version just launched this week.
spicynomnom February 26, 2018
Found this post looking while looking for recipe organizer online. I noticed some of the apps listed above do not exist anymore and thought I would share RecipeCloud. It's free for iOS and the web. You can save recipes from anywhere, organize, create meal plans and shopping lists. Check it out at
Kelly N. February 22, 2015
The paprika app is great, plus it has a meal planning feature.
drshakyhands February 23, 2015
I have been using Paprika for almost two years now and I will never look back. It syncs automatically between any of your devices that have it installed, too. My favorite feature is the pantry, in which you put all your in stock items (spices, grains, vinegars, etc.) and when you make a grocery list with the software, it automatically knows if you have said thing already on hand. This alone is worth it so I stop buy little bottles of spices I use infrequently and forget I have.
James February 22, 2015
Try Simple and clean.
Sarah S. June 7, 2014
I love Copy Me That. It has a shopping list and meal planner, plus it automatically formats and copies any online recipe. I like that I can edit my recipes and organize them with tags. Plus, all the text is searchable.
Sami N. March 31, 2014! Their site is extremely eye appealing and user friendly. Plus Foodily features the best recipe search engine on the web. The Originals tool allows you to upload your own recipes. Then you can have all your favorite recipes from Food52 plus all the other best sites and your own personal collection all stored in one place.
ATG117 December 17, 2011
I started using evernote more recently, and it's proved very easy to save and upload recipe. But I have not figured out how to categorize things (and there isn't great instruction on the site. at all). I'm assuming there must be a way. Anyone familiar with it have an idea?
masscook December 17, 2011
You are describing BigOven -- BigOven is like Evernote in that you can simply snap photos of recipes (and they will transcribe them). But BigOven knows its a recipe, so you can add it to a meal calendar, then create a grocery list, get nutrition, add photos and more. It's pretty amazing. Free apps also for iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.
adambravo September 15, 2010
What about something more basic like Google Docs? Greplin ( is a free search service that will search through your uploaded documents. Personally, I copy and paste recipes into my Epicurious recipe box, as Epicurious has amazing search capabilities (eg, filtering by course or main ingredient).
NanC September 14, 2010
Thanks James and Amanda - I'm familiar with Evernote. I was hoping for a food-specific type of service that is Evernote-like (i.e. device agnostic, searchable).
Perhaps others in the crowd have ideas. (Also check out Mendeley for inspiration- it's an academic-focused tool but some of the features/functionality might work for food.)

n.b. I worked at NYT corporate from 03 until Jan, when I moved to London. I found this site by accident - it's a small media world...thanks again!
Amanda H. September 14, 2010
Here's what he said: I suggest using @Evernote to store recipes - all your scanned recipes will be searchable too!
Amanda H. September 14, 2010
@jameschevalier on Twitter suggested the service Evernote.
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