Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for Hair Conditioning?

I have a bottle untouched in the pantry and heard it was a good conditioner for hair? Has anyone used it for hair? If so, how?



lem M. August 15, 2014
Since my hair is more on the greasy side, I’ve never used coconut oil as a conditioner, but I absolutely love it to treat dry or itchy skin and, most of all, those all too frequent little burn scars!
Susan W. August 15, 2014
I use it once in a while. A very little goes a long way and it's not super easy to rinse out. I have better luck using it before shampooing. I use it mostly just on dry ends. I also like using it as a lotion. I keep a small amount in a separate jar for such uses. Sometimes out of nowhere my skin and scalp become itchy. It seems to soothe nicely. Works well for chapped lips too.
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