What would I change in this recipe for more meat?

Hi, I'm planning on cooking Adam Ragusea's pot roast recipe tomorrow (https://youtu.be/ORcTvgK... recipe is also in the description of the video), but his recipe calls for a 2-3 pound chuck roast, and I have one that is about 4 pounds. How should I change up this recipe to reflect this. I don't want the meat to be undercooked, but I also don't want the vegetables to get overcooked, especially considering they're uncovered in the oven for a period of time.

Jesse Wiatrak
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1 Comment

Nancy February 10, 2021
Jesse - if I were dojng this, I'd apply one or more approaches for a 4 lb roast:
• add 1/3 volume to other ingredients to match increase in weight of beef;
• cook pot roast to 145F internal temp;
• cook the vegetables first, remove from pot, roast meat to almost done, return
veg to pot for last 20 minutes or so;
• look at another recipe that starts with 4 to 5 lb pot roast, like one from Ree Drummond, and cook covered at 275F for about 4 hours.
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