recipe calls for 55 grams of heavy cream. ?by weight? ?other conversion?

I have a fudge sauce (European recipe) that is requesting 55 grams of heavy cream. None of the other liquid ingredients in the other parts of the recipe - cake and frosting - use this type of measure for the liquids. I am uncertain whether to weigh it or try converting grams to fluid ounces. Even though I may decide on another sauce in the interim I am wondering how to address this if I should come across again in other recipes.

  • Posted by: Becky
  • August 15, 2014


Claire S. June 15, 2015
Although liquids are usually measured by volume, I do have a few recipes that measure particularly thick, viscous liquids (like sweetened condensed milk and heavy cream) by weight. What is the problem with simply weighing the amount listed in the recipe? If you like, you can weigh it in a measuring jug and then record the volume so you can measure by volume for the future.

As Ed says, conversions from weight to volume and back again are specific to the substance being measured so if you do look up a conversion, make sure it is for heavy cream and nothing else.
boulangere August 15, 2014
When measuring liquids, fluid ounces and ounces/grams by weight are equal.
ED June 14, 2015
This is true *only* for water.
HalfPint August 15, 2014
The density of heavy cream is roughly 1kg/L (actual 0.994kg/L at ~70 F), so 55 grams = ~55mL = ~2 oz or ~1/4 cup (volume).

You can search for the density of just about any liquid, but not for solids.
Becky August 15, 2014
Hi Susan! That was what was coming up with but I was just surprised that suddenly the measure was by weight where all the others liquid measures in the recipe were cups. And I'm not used to liquid measure by weight. Is that common??
Susan W. August 15, 2014
I agree that it's odd only the cream was in grams. I'll bet someone converted all the UK measurements, but missed the cream. And yes, I thought liquids were measured in cups in the UK. You know what...I'll bet someone was converting the recipe and converted the cream by mistake.
Susan W. August 15, 2014
I replied to the wrong post. Liquids should be in ml, not grams. Just an oversight by someone. :0)
Susan W. August 15, 2014
Google is your friend. :) 56 grams = 2 ounces or 1/4 cup. I always have to google such things or ask my Irish friend Derval who gets cranky. ;0)
Susan W. August 15, 2014
I had to Google and liquids are measured by ml. Grams are for dry ingredients.
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