what do you do to get mozzarella cheese that was in the refrigerator soft again

I left the cheese open and its not soft anymore. Do I leave it out to soften? Also can I just freeze what I am not using? I've had the same problem with french bread, put it in the refrigerator it was too hard to use.



Susan W. August 17, 2014
If it isn't fresh mozzarella, the only thing you can do (that I know of) is cut the dry portion off. The rest should be just fine.
kimikoftokyo August 17, 2014
Ah ok I will freez it next time thank you.
Joanna R. August 17, 2014
Is it fresh mozzarella? If so you can just drop it into some warm water for a bit. Bread should never be put in the refrigerator. Freeze it or leave it out.
kimikoftokyo August 17, 2014
Yes it's fresh hard as a rock. I left if out to see if it will soften if set out at room tempture
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