Is a mushroom dashi and different than a typical dashi?

A recipe for clam chowder calls for dashi and all I can find is a mushroom dashi

  • Posted by: Amanda
  • August 20, 2014


ChezHenry August 20, 2014
A Dashi is a style of Japanese stock or broth. Much like chicken stock, fish stock, beef stock, etc. the stock can be altered by the inclusion of a key ingredient. So your mushroom dashi will be heavy on the mushroom taste-not sure it will benefit your chowdah!
Momofuku's David Chan makes "Bacon Dashi". It's a mother stock at his restaurants, and to make a batch, he uses a pound of Benton's Bacon! For a stock!
I'd grab a basic recipe and make my own Dashi, it's simple to make and freezes well.
Lindsay-Jean H. August 20, 2014
And for future reference, it's easy to make your own dashi!
Susan W. August 20, 2014
First...I'd love to have that recipe. Do you have a link? :)

It depends on the ingredients. Does it contain bonito flakes and kelp? If it's straight mushroom dashi (usually shiitake) it is usually used with another seafood dashi. You could use bottled clam juice and the mushroom dashi.
Susan W. August 20, 2014
I was just coming back to say with just a couple of ingredients, you can make your own dashi. Lindsay-Jean linked an easy one. Even my Albertsons carries kombu these days.
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