I cannot find porcini mushrooms

Is there a substitute I can use for the rosemary porcini beef tenderloin. Can I use portobello mushrooms



Maedl November 12, 2012
For future reference, porcini is the Italian name for the Boletus edulis. It is also called cepe in France and Steinpilz in Germany. it is used in Poland as well, but I don't klnow what it is called there. Knowing the porcini's various names may make finding it easier.
Jmorel1217 November 11, 2012
Thanks guys but I ended up using dried portobello and shiitake mushrooms. I'm not a mushroom lover, so I don't really know the difference. But it was a success. This is such a delicious rub. My guest had seconds, they were very impressed! I'm definetly make this again. Hopefully next time I'll find porcini mushrooms :-)
bigpan November 11, 2012
Unless you are lucky enough to be in Tuscany during the season, I suggest looking for dried vacuum pack bags at a good Italian deli. Ask, if you cannot see them.
jmburns November 11, 2012
Have you tried looking in the Frozen section. My grocery store now carries a frozen Porcini product have not tried it but you might check it out.
Amanda H. November 10, 2012
Can you find any other kind of dried mushroom? If so, that would be best -- and pretty much any kind will work.
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