Where can I find golden chanterelle mushrooms?

a Whole Foods Market Customer


Burnt O. June 8, 2011
When I was living in Vienna, Austria, you could buy them by the bucketful in the markets in September and October for just a few dollars a pound. I miss that. So apricotty and nutty tasting!
Stephanie G. June 8, 2011
Yes, in Fort Worth we have chanterelles right now at Central Market. Get to ready to pay however, they are $39.99 a pound in the produce section. I was going to make Heidi Swanson's Chanterelle Tacos until I saw the price!
Greenstuff June 8, 2011
If you happen to live in the northeast and are foraging rather than shopping, golden chantarelles are found in the summer more than the fall. I know of one patch close to Newfound Lake in New Hampshire--but I'd be put to death if I gave you the specifics. Maybe it's better to wait for the fall crop from the west coast.

pierino June 7, 2011
Amanda, if there are I haven't seen them. The season arrived late this year and lasted longer; I was still buying chantarelles in April but I haven't found any recently...at least from reputable merchants. I wouldn't take a chance on Asian chantarelles anymore than I would on Chinese truffles.
Amanda H. June 7, 2011
Pierino, aren't there imported chanterelles in some stores?
pierino June 7, 2011
The season is over for fresh chanterelles. Look for them again in the autumn months.Dried is your best hope.
Amanda H. June 7, 2011
If they're not in the produce area, you may be able to find them dried, near the spice section of most stores. Otherwise, I'd try your local farmers market.
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