What is your favorite recipe for canning kosher dills or spicy dills?

Yes, my cucumbers just keep coming this year. Looking for your favorite recipe - I am water bath canning.

  • Posted by: SKK
  • August 23, 2014


cookinginvictoria August 29, 2014
Hi Sharon,

A few years ago on the Hotline, I offered up my mother's dill pickle recipe, which I make every year. These are cold-pack pickles, so must be kept in the fridge, and don't require a water bath, but they are super tasty and disappear quickly. https://food52.com/hotline/5976-how-do-you-make-pickles

If you have an excess of cucumbers, I would also recommend giving mrswheelbarrow's Seven Day Sweet Pickle recipe a whirl. While they are not dills, they are addictively delicious. Last year I made them and they were such a huge hit with family and friends alike, that I am making a double batch this year. https://food52.com/blog/7227-seven-day-pickles

SKK August 30, 2014
Thank you! Yes, I have a plentitude of cucumbers. It has been a wonderful growing season here in Seattle. Hope all is well with you and your family! Did you know Hannah and her family moved to Winthrop and they opened a shop. (Yes, they were spared the fires.)
Horto August 29, 2014
great recipe in, "Saving The Season", by Kevin West, that I am using,also check out www.foodinjars.com.What ever you do, use good vinegar, not distilled, which we wash the floors with!
Lindsay-Jean H. August 29, 2014
Hi SKK, I'm sorry you haven't received any answers to this yet. I'm hoping bumping it back up to the top of the list helps!
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