I'm cleaning out my pantry and I can't tell if my different flours have gone bad or not. Particular my garbanzo brean flower and dark the flo

  • Posted by: SXNW
  • August 27, 2014


THE M. August 28, 2014
Your health is paramount. Abide by the rule: When in doubt, throw it out.
boulangere August 27, 2014
I agree with the smell test. Give it a sniff. If it has gone rancid, the smell will send you reeling from the kitchen. Appearance is an obvious one: anything moving, or any left-behind carapaces, and out it should go.
catalinalacruz August 27, 2014
I always check by sight and smell. Does the flour smell OK? Does it look OK? No weevils? No lumpy, damp flour? If it all checks out, it is most likely still good. BTW, I always keep bean flour, whole wheat flour, any whole grain flour, in the fridge (unless you have a chilly kitchen). They go rancid more quickly than other flours.
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