Can I substitute apple cider vinegar for apple cider

Recipe calls for 3/4 cup of cider

  • Posted by: glynis
  • August 28, 2014


Smaug November 22, 2018
As much as you could substitute wine vinegar for wine really not. Some cider vinegar (offset by something sweet- I use maple syrup) would be good with your chops, but it's much too acidic for a primary braising fluid- try white wine, with maybe 2Tb. vinegar/ cup of liquid.
Sharon B. June 10, 2017
Center cut pork chops
skenny89 August 28, 2014
no but simply apple juice has a great cider flavor if you can't find the local stuff
Liza's K. August 28, 2014
It depends on what you are making, but generally no. Vinegar and cider are two very different products. You could probably substitute apple juice though (and lower the sugar content of the recipe).
Susan W. August 28, 2014
There is no added sugar in apple cider or apple juice. Are you thinking of hard cider? There is sugar added during fermentation as food for the yeast, similar to kombucha.
Susan W. August 28, 2014
That would make for a very tart/sour recipe. What are you making?
Caroline A. November 22, 2018
Cranberry sauce
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