Any way to make food coloring agents for cookie icing? There must have been some way that people made food coloring back in the day...wondering if anybody knows how to make colors. Beet juice immediately springs to mind, but that color is more for valentine's day...



vvvanessa December 24, 2010
in addition, try concentrated beet juice (reduce the cooking liquid from boiled beets) and blueberry juice (reduce the juice that runs off from defrosting frozen berries).
beyondcelery December 23, 2010
Use turmeric for yellow, the juice of frozen raspberries or pomegranate for red/pink, cocoa for brown, saffron for a crimson-y yellow. Those are the ones I know will work and they won't add too much flavor to your icing, used in small quantities. Also, some liqueurs will lend color (raspberry di amore, etc.).

Here's a link that has some ideas:
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