Need no-meat, extremely low fat protein options to manage gall stone issues. Having trouble finding both low fat and no meat options.

Had nasty visit to the ER with a gall bladder attack several weeks ago. GP says I have to pretty much cut out ALL fats in my diet if I don't want surgery right away. Not many recipes around that meet the criteria for no fat and no meat proteins both. Family has been game to try some things, but we're all getting tired of beans and brown rice, so I'm finding I am back-sliding and eating meat because it is what we know. Dr. had very few suggestions aside from stating I need to cut out all fats. Most folks opt for the surgery because it's easier than altering their diet, so he had no prepared hand-outs on what I should be eating. Surgery is not an option right now for me.

  • Posted by: RLK
  • August 29, 2014


drbabs September 1, 2014
Consider looking at this cookbook:

The recipes are based on a low fat vegan diet for people with risk factors for heart disease, but there are plant based proteins used and it's very low fat.
slberger August 30, 2014
Try baking vegetables in parchment packets - you can add wonderful seasoning and you won't need oil to keep the veggies moist. Vegetarian Times has some great recipes.
aargersi August 30, 2014
You might check out vegetarian times:

And a trip to the bookstore (or Amazon) is certainly easier than surgery! Perhaps Vegetable Literacy, and also we are loving The New Persian Kitchen.
Assonta W. August 30, 2014
Try this guy: He has some really delicious, protein alternative vegan dishes! I have tried several and they were delicious!
Meaghan F. August 30, 2014
Great answers here already, I'll add chickpeas/garbanzo beans because it's so versatile - hummus, roasted, in salads, etc.
ATG117 August 30, 2014
fish, egg whites, low fat dairy (yogurt, etc), quinoa, beans, tofu, seitan, soy beans,
Nancy August 30, 2014
Two suggestions. 1st, white-flesh fish has low fat - maybe ok if they meet your dr fat threshold. 2nd, see if your grocery (or local health foods store) carries Yves products. These are soy-based in all sorts of configuration - breakfast patties, ground round, hot dogs - and actually look, smell and taste good. (not like fake meat of yore). Good luck...
Susan W. August 29, 2014
If you go to the search function and type in vegetarian low fat and click the recipe button, you will find 137 recipes. :0) That ought to keep you busy. I am sure there are whole websites dedicated to what you need, so don't forget to use Google after you go through the ones on this site.
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