This is random I am sorry (beef roast)

I hate my roommates and I never trust them when they are around my food I never look away because they could be doing things to my food.

I suck at cooking, I won't lie and I cooked a beef shoulder in the oven uncovered with the usual. I like my meat well done kinda not over cooked so I took it out and cut down the middle to see it was still red.
I had placed it back into the oven and left the room. When I took it out of the oven it looked like there was p*** a big brown substance where I had cut and it didn't look like blood. I did not eat this meat because I am crazy and think that he might have done something to it.

Would this meat produce a brown material not like a jelly or a fat or a oil but like semi soild kind of material where I had cut and placed back into the oven?

Thankyou <3

Linton John Davidson


Isabel January 9, 2019
The juices on a cut edge will congeal if you put it back in the oven. The BEST way to cook meat and fish to your preferred temp is to use a thermometer. For $20 or less, you can even get one on Amazon that has a probe that goes into the oven and a monitor with an audible notification alarm. One that I have been happy with:

PS: if you are cooking on the grill, get one made for the grill as the cord will melt on the oven probe type. You can use a grill one in the oven, so maybe that is more practical for you.

PPS: Nowadays, some baking instructions include a temp for cakes to ensure doneness!

While you may not trust the roomie(s), (s)he did probably not do anything to it. If you did not throw it away, cut it into cubes and make a tasty stew with hearty veggies.
Isabel January 9, 2019
And, yes, move out.
Linton J. January 9, 2019
???????????????????????????? someone should try to help before I start accusing people hahah
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