If you were to go to a gourmet deli to get dinner to go, what would you most like to take home for dinner?

  • Posted by: MsKatjea
  • September 4, 2014


Meaghan F. September 5, 2014
Like other posters, I'd get the stuff I can't (don't) make at home: sliced sandwich meats and/or charcuterie, bagels (bread if it's particularly good looking), pickles.
Sam1148 September 5, 2014
Good sliced thin roast beef, a loaf of french bread. A pint of cole slaw and dill pickles. Then go home and make some Au Jus and have a french dip.
/I do this at the supermarket; Boars Head make a very nice roast beef. "London Port"
Meaghan F. September 5, 2014
Good tip about the roast beef!
Horto September 5, 2014
something with a side of cole slaw, i love the stuff
AntoniaJames September 5, 2014
A Reuben sandwich! It's one thing I never make at home, and enjoy ever so rarely (as in, about once a year, and usually while traveling). Great question. ;o)
Stephanie G. September 5, 2014
Grain salad
Tarragon September 5, 2014
Depending on what you mean by "deli", a nice roast chicken with sides (roast potatoes or some sort of stuffing or grain pilaf) is always nice.
Sam1148 September 5, 2014
That's another of my "Deli/Supermarket" meals at home. Get Hosin sauce, green onions, sesame oil. Brush some of the cut up chicken skin side up with hosin and broil to crisp it up. Brush the tortillas with sesame oil and nuke 'face to face' in pairs in microwave with a wet towel. Serve with green onion 'brushes' and hosin sauce on the side. (Mock Peking duck) Eggs rolls, egg drop soup, and rice. you have dinner with little effort.
Susan W. September 5, 2014
Good lox, great bagels and a wonderful cream cheese will always be my go to no matter what else they have.
HalfPint September 5, 2014
Hot-smoked salmon, fresh pasta, & some creme fraiche for smoked salmon pasta in 10 minutes or less.
Ginger O. September 5, 2014
I'm a sucker for lox.
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