I really need some recipes with lots of protein in them

Brendan moyer


THE M. September 7, 2014
Try my "Sans Souci" salmon recipe and my riverboat lemon-lime chicken. Both are low in fat and are healthful and super easy to prepare.
Stephanie G. September 7, 2014
There is a yummy recipe by Amanda Hesser that is titled (I believe) Ground Lamb with Lentils. It should meet your needs.
Sam1148 September 6, 2014
Red beans and rice. Beans combined with rice make a complete protein.
One can of sardines has 25g of protein...that's the same as 5 scoops of protein powder.
Susan W. September 6, 2014
Hi Brendan. The search function on this site will help you find all sorts of recipes. Just type in whatever protein you are in the mood for.
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