I have peppers and onions in oven at 400 degrees covered how long will they take to get nice and soft to mix with sausage ? Should I remove a

  • Posted by: Lu
  • September 8, 2014


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Maedl September 9, 2014
I would agree on the 30 minutes, but I suppose it depends on the kind of peppers you are using and the size into which you have cut them. If you are using meatier peppers, they would take longer than the small Spanish or Italians peppers that are so good for eating along with an aperitif. But Sam, sauerkraut with peppers? The German in me says never the twain shall meet. The (adopted) Italian in me says pretty much the same thing.
Sam1148 September 8, 2014
Probably about 30 mins. I'd add some saurekraut in there with some caraway seeds. But I'd also do the entire thing on the stove top so you can better judge the cooking process.
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