Top sirloin steak braised ideas

My dad wants me to make a very thick 1lb. sirloin steak. He said to cut it into 3 prices for him, me and mom. Does anybody have any ideas for a braised recipe for this cut of meat?



Pegeen September 12, 2014
deedeelicious, you can use the mustard butter sauce on pretty much any steak cut
Pegeen September 12, 2014
This simple mustard butter is great.
Deedeelicious September 12, 2014
Yummy! But that cut is Ribeye not a sirloin ^^;
Pegeen September 12, 2014
I'd rather sear than braise too. If you decide to go with searing, here are some good tips. The recommended time for letting it sit, salted, is important.
amysarah September 10, 2014
I also tend to grill or sear/roast sirloin steak, but no harm in experimenting with braising. The only thing I'd caution is that it's a pretty lean cut, so it might tend to get tough when long cooked - sort of the opposite of what happens to well marbled cuts with more connective tissue.
inpatskitchen September 10, 2014
Here is a wonderful recipe for a braised sirloin:
If yours is boneless, I'd still cook it in one piece and then slice to serve.
PazzoNico September 11, 2014
Sounds great, but that's not a true braise...
CanadaDan September 10, 2014
why would you braise a nice cut steak like that? Braises are usually for tougher parts of the animal that need a long time to break down tissue...a good steak won't be tough. I'd sear it in a cast iron on the highest possible heat for a few minutes each side until browned then pop it in the oven for a few minutes until cooked (medium rare of course). let it sit then slice it in three.
Deedeelicious September 10, 2014
Lol omg Because I like to experiment with different types of cooking styles with different meats. XD Simple as. But as for the searing part it sounds like a good idea as long as I don't overcook it.
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