Help!! I need some organizing products or ideas for this awkwardly large drawer & mess of tools/ware



Pegeen September 11, 2014
I second all the suggestions to remove the tools you don't use very often and put them somewhere else. Inside a huge pot you also don't use very often? In a plastic storage box (with a lid, to keep out dust), tucked away somewhere? Whenever you have to take out that "box" and the more you look at things you don't use more than once a year, the more likely you'll be to donate them to someone else, send to a yard sale, etc.

An expandable drawer organizer helps. And some good ideas here:

And some general organizing tips:
Pegeen September 11, 2014
It rarely works for me but I do try to comply with the idea "If something new comes in, something old goes out." Hard to do but helps me eliminate some of the guilt out of acquiring new items.
Nancy September 11, 2014
a partial answer. classic decluttering tactic. take everything out of the drawer. put in a box. remove item from box only when you need to use it. then put back in drawer. Depending on your cooking cycle, anything not used within, say 6 months to a year, goes to friends, yard sale or donation box. then organize what's left.
strawberrygirl September 11, 2014
A similar idea is to take out all the items you don't use very often and put them somewhere else. I have a box on the top shelf of my kitchen cupboard known as "the island of misfit kitchen toys." It contains things I only tend to use a few times per year like the cherry pitter, the bamboo sushi rolling mat, etc. This way, when I need those things I know exactly where they are, but they don't clutter up my main drawer of kitchen tools and make it harder to find the things I use every day.
Beth September 11, 2014
I have a drawer like that. Without the exact right size of an organizer, I found that using FOLDED TEA TOWELS I managed to make separations in my drawers for different utensils and gadgets and such that don't fly around when the drawer is used. put the bulky lemon squeezer and such on the right and make a little patchwork of your categories and it should both work and look great.
Susan W. September 11, 2014
I'm really curious about how you did this. Did you form compartments or simply lay things on the tea towel so they don't slide. I have a drawer that needs help.
THE M. September 11, 2014
How about a Muji organizational tray that would presumably fit into your drawer? Possibly two would fit. Here's a link to it:
Dominic B. September 10, 2014
IKEA has the best ideas and organizational products for kitchens.
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