I need a flour container wide enough to spoon flour into a measuring cup without making a mess a t

I need a container wide enough to spoon flour into measuring cups without making a huge mess everywhere. I am using a skinny/tall glass one now that doesnt fit the measuring cup- let alone my hand to spoon it out....makes a mess! It also needs to seal well to keep the flour fresh. Any ideas?

Hannah Rose Haslam


Gammy August 4, 2020
I love the OXO POP acrylic containers. They come in a huge range of sizes (one is designed specifically to hold a 5# bag of flour) and have a vacuum seal top tight enough to keep out bugs.
Hannah R. August 5, 2020
SillyBee August 6, 2020
I use the big Oxo pop tops too. I love it. Have you tried using a kitchen scale? Everything is scooped directly into a bowl and you don't have to measure... it's more accurate than a measuring cup (by a lot) and best yet less washing.
Nancy August 3, 2020
Hannah Rose -
Two products which I find, in practice, to work.
1) Wide, seal-able plastic storage container (many on the market). Store flour in it & then do one of:
a) spoon your flour into the measuring cup over the main container, level off, add to recipe.
b) scoop your flour out of the main mass, level off, add to recipe.
2) Wide funnel commonly used for filling glass canning jars. Place in wide-enough measuring cup, spoon the flour into the cup through the funnel, again while holding it over an open flour container, remove funnel, level off, add to recipe.
Hannah R. August 5, 2020
thank you!
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