How do you all organize your spices??? Help!

Becky Woods


Lyle S. July 29, 2019
I really appreciate small containers as they are really handy and easy to use in the kitchen. I like to order at retail stores like that one. Some have graduation markings, so that makes storage much more convenient.
Melusine June 13, 2019
We move every couple of years, so storage spaces change every couple of years. I use a white ceramic pen to write the name on the spice jar lids. (And refill the jars.) I try to keep them grouped by theme - Central Asian; Mediterranean; American baking; but there’s a lot of overlap.
JBoone June 11, 2019
Alphabetized on three wall-mounted spice racks in the pantry.
Sam M. June 9, 2019
My spice drawer is next to my stove. I don't have a method to my organization but can grab any one of my spices without hesitation. I HIGHLY recommend Youcopia SpiceLiners to keep your containers in place without rolling.
arielcooks June 9, 2019
They're in a dark, shallow kitchen cupboard. I've tried to buy containers that fit together efficiently, mostly square in cross-section. On the top are bottled herbs, alphabetized. Below that are bottled solids -- seeds, nutmegs, and cinnamon bark, alphabetized. Below that are the mixtures, in larger jars. Flavorings and food dyes have a special spot between the spices and mixtures. I grow herbs and purchase a few herbs and all my spices in bulk, and the extra quantities are stored in the freezer with their labels.
rebecca June 9, 2019
Over 40 in the cupboard so alphabetic is the only way to prevent chaos. Sometimes vary and put whole spices in a separate spot.. but usually combine. Ones most frequently grabbed are in the front row .. but their unopened one is in the alphabetic spot. They are all rows, in containers (cardboard cracker boxes) that fit in the cupboard so I can slide out a “drawer” to access those at the back easily. Keep a master list too. OCD can be a good quality 😊
BerryBaby June 5, 2019
Grouped according to cuisine...Italian oregano, basil, bay leaves, garlic powder/salt....Mexican cumin, chili powder, red pepper flakes and do on. Universal seasonings are off to the side...onion powder, Lawrys seasoning salt, plain salt and pepper.
Rachelwrites June 4, 2019
This drawer. The ones with the lid labels used to fit on a rotating spice rack but tired of decanting and th ey didn't all fit
Prathima June 4, 2019
I decant them all into half-pint deli containers, label them with colored masking tape, and stack them in groups according to the combinations in which they are most often used -- baking spices in one stack, Indian spices in another, herbs in another, etc. No more bottles falling out of the cupboard and hitting me in the head.
Stephanie B. June 3, 2019
Beyond keeping them in the same cupboard (roughly), I don't.
Nancy June 3, 2019
Similar practices.
Used to alphabetize small jars on turntable.
Now, have reduced & simplified holdings.
Keep salt, pepper, nutmeg mills & a handful of favorites at hand for cooking and garnishing.
Remainder in a small dark cupboard or the freezer (for things that last longer there - seeds, chile peppers, bay leaves).
Wendy June 3, 2019
I have tried storing them in cabinet, drawers and now an entire spice cabinet. The only things that I can say matter are alphabetization and no exposure to light or heat. It is simple but training the people you live with to put them back in alphabetical order is not.
Gammy June 3, 2019
For the majority of them that I use on at least a semi-regular basis... alphabetically (bit obsessive here). I have regular spice jars and half-size jars in that collection. I also have a plastic box in the freezer with any bags of bulk spices I use to refill those smaller containers. But that's me.
Smaug June 3, 2019
I just remember where they are (mostly). Not a system I'd really recommend, but it does help keep me alert.
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