Porcini mushrooms....dried vs fresh

Can someone explain why you would purchase dried porcini mushrooms over fresh? Is the effort worth the payoff?

  • Posted by: skittle
  • January 21, 2012


nonreactivepan January 21, 2012
you can also buy frozen porcini mushrooms from some grocers (I get mine here in sf http://store.farwestfungi.com/). once roasted to defrost, these taste amazing in place of the dried ones. but, i do use the dried ones reconstituted in red or white wine and they are awesome.
boulangere January 21, 2012
I agree with all of the above. I love the intense, smoky flavor of dried porcinis. When reconstituted in hot water, the soaking liquid is as valuable in terms of flavor as the mushrooms.
Chrissylrat January 21, 2012
I have been very happy with dried porcini bought in bulk online. Reconstitute in hot water, strain and use the broth in a savory sauce or as liquid for risotto.
jmburns January 21, 2012
I agree with Kim fresh are like hens teeth around where I live. I have been very happy with the dried. Mushroom are one of the few items the reconstitute well after drying.
KimW January 21, 2012
Fresh porcini mushrooms are hard to find and they don't last long. If you can find them and use them that day it is amazing!
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