I couldn't get the cream chocolate mixture to whip to the "fluffy" stage. I thought it was cold enough after an hour in the fridge but maybe not.

S K Mazza


amysarah September 13, 2014
Semifreddo is one of my favorite desserts to make - thinking of doing this one next weekend for a dinner party. I notice that the recipe lists cream, but not specifically heavy cream - maybe SK Mazza used light cream (aka single cream)? That would explain it not whipping properly. Semifreddo really is essentially a frozen mousse.
Emiko September 14, 2014
Yes, I was thinking the same thing! I used heavy cream.
Emiko September 12, 2014
Hi, it should be cold enough. And it shouldn't take too long to whip the mixture until fluffy (think whipped cream but thicker, like a mousse). This stage, along with the meringue, is important because adding the air to the mixture via whipping is partly what makes the semifreddo so light (and not a frozen solid block like an ice cube). Depending on the type of cream used it may not whip up quickly but the texture you are looking for is that of a mousse. Hope it turns out well in the end for you!
S K. September 13, 2014
Thank you. It never whipped but I added it and the texture was still OK. It still tasted great, if not as light as it should have been.
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