Looking for a way to keep whipped cream fluffy for a few hours before serving?

I'm hoping to find a recipe or trick to help me keep whipped cream to serve with cake fluffy and nice during a dinner party tonight without the use of chemical stabilizers

  • Posted by: Judy
  • August 2, 2014


Judy August 4, 2014
Thanks everyone, I used confectioners sugar and it worked perfectly!
amysarah August 4, 2014
If you're whipping it right before the dinner, to only hold a couple of hours until dessert, you can use confectioner's sugar, as mentioned, to both sweeten and stabilize it - then hold it in the fridge. I've done this for years, and it's always worked well.
Lindsay-Jean H. August 4, 2014
Here's another option for whipped cream with staying power: https://food52.com/blog/2553-nancy-silverton-s-whipped-cream
mt G. August 2, 2014
This works! Place the whipped cream in a wire mesh strainer and then place the strainer over a bowl. cover with Saran Wrap. Liquid from the whipped cream will collect in the bottom of the bowl and the whipped cream will stay fluffy
Nancy August 2, 2014
If I remember correctly, Rose Levy Beranbaum (a great cook and chemist, of Cake Bible fame) stabilizes whipped cream by adding some more butter/fat. Keeps for hours. Check the book or her website.
Nancy August 4, 2014
Oops! That was Nancy Silverton & Harold McGee (same as in Lindsay-Jane Hard answer below). Not RLB - she favors cornstarch.
Susan W. August 2, 2014
I like using unflavored gelatin. It doesn't alter the flavor at all. I used to use 1 tsp for every cup of cream, but that was for whipped cream that needed to be
stable for a day or two. You may be able to use less. You need to bloom it in 1/4 cup water. Then heat until melted. Let cool, but not so cool that it sets.
Regine August 2, 2014
Or add 1 to 2 tbsp jello vanilla instant pudding mix ( the powder not the finished product) for a pint (2 cups) heavy cream.
Ginger O. August 2, 2014
Whipping some cream cheese into it also stabilizes it! We use this trick in catering for things on the buffet.
jamcook August 2, 2014
If you.add sugar to your whipped cream, use confectioners sugar. It has a little bit of cornstarch in it which keeps things fluffy and nice.
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