What can you do with leftover roast chicken for a healthy lunch

  • Posted by: mimmy_e
  • September 17, 2014


plainhomecook September 24, 2014
I like Laurie Colwin's suggestion: tart up some mayonnaise with minced garlic and lemon, serve on good crusty bread.
mstv September 24, 2014
I would make a simple brothy soup with veggies.
Lindsay-Jean H. September 24, 2014
Merrill's Warm Chicken Salad: https://food52.com/blog/7529-warm-chicken-salad
Susan W. September 24, 2014
This sounds amazing. Can't wait.
Sarah S. September 22, 2014
You could do a sandwich with all your favorite toppings.
THE M. September 21, 2014
Leftover roast chicken is substantial in and of itself, so I would complement it with lightweight fruit and vegetables: embed it in a salad of mangos, tomatoes, and pecans or watercress and endive.
ChefJune September 19, 2014
Only your imagination limits all the things you can do with leftover roast chicken. Is the lunch at home or on the go?
Haley S. September 19, 2014
I love this chicken salad recipe -- full of herbs/pesto, peas and uses Greek yogurt. https://food52.com/blog/11161-two-pea-pesto-chicken-salad
Sjcorcor September 18, 2014
I also love to cook a chicken breast with all the different colors of bell peppers and yellow onion on a skillet with a little EVOO in the pan and salt and pepper on the chicken. This might make a good, salad (cold or warm) with those ingredients chopped up into small bits. (Or in a tortilla/Mexican dish as JanetFL suggests! Another dish I love with chicken is one with pasta. I use some sort of individual noodle (like farfalle or penne or rotini, not long ones that wrap together) and after they are done cooking add some garlic, chicken and sundried tomatoes. I sprinkle a little garlic salt over it for a bit of zest and then pour some of the juice from the sundried tomato container over it. It can be served in a bowl, plate or (my favorite) inside of an emptied-out lightly roasted bell pepper to make it pretty.
JanetFL September 18, 2014
All of these answers are great. As a lover of anything left over, my simplest and fastest lunch is to combine the chicken with any veggies that you have in a flour tortilla. Roll it up and there you go! No muss, no fuss!
Sjcorcor September 18, 2014
Chicken Caesar pitas are easy to make and great with leftover chicken. (If you are taking it with you to work, I would keep the dressing separate until you want to eat it to avoid sogginess.
kimhw September 17, 2014
Quinoa, roast squash, cranberries, almond slivers and the chicken. Yum!
Meaghan F. September 17, 2014
Put it on a salad, inside a lettuce wrap (or bread or pita or tortilla), top a bowl of whole grains or Asian noodles, make soup, make chicken salad with yogurt instead of mayo, mix it up with marinated vegetables... There are a million options, none of them wrong! :) If you still have the carcass, break it up and stick it in a ziploc in the freezer and save it for stock.
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