How long will waffles last

I'm throwing a party on Saturday with about 400 people. Can I make waffles the night before and reheat on grill, or must they be fresh? Do you know any savory sauces that would go well with hotdogs and waffles

Noah Truwit


Noah T. September 19, 2014
Half-way there, starting again at 5 am. Btw I'm a high schooler and it's me, my dad, and 3 waffle irons.
Susan W. September 19, 2014
Wow Noah. You two are brave and ambitious. Good luck and have fun.
bigpan September 18, 2014
Hire a caterer so you have someone to blame.
Goodness, 400 waffles is not the right choice.
nutcakes September 18, 2014
It seems prudent to test preparing and reheating them ahead of time. I would make them to order, assuming you have proper staff. They make up and cook quickly. You obviously cannot serve everyone at once. Leftover reheated waffles could be soggy or rubbery. Sounds strictly from hunger, please forewarn me so I can eat before I come.
Susan W. September 17, 2014
Oh come on!! Are we being punked? No way are you making waffles for 400 and you haven't started them yet. You must have quite the kitchen and crew.
Sam1148 September 17, 2014
I'd rent four double sided waffle makers like you see at a hotel free breakfast, and have some frozen to speed up initial service.

Also...WHY? It's Wednesday.. you took a gig for 400 people and are just now thinking about 'oh what about waffles?' Really, you're trolling us aren't you? might not even be able to get 10 cases of Eggos delivered by Saturday even if you put in your order on Thursday.
Gabriella September 17, 2014
Wow 400 people, waffles for that many is ambitious no matter when you make them. More important in my experience than how you reheat is the waffle itself. Both the recipe and iron used are important here, I find that thick belgian style waffles can be saved very easily, and probably toasted/reheated on the grill and taste delicious. I'm sure there are plenty of recipes here or I know i've used a buttermilk one from epicurious that is great before. A thought about the hotdogs, maybe be mindful in choosing a recipe with low sugar and maybe add some seasoning or some cornmeal to the waffle to give it a more savory feel(maybe look at chicken and waffles recipes) A relish for the waffle maybe a honey mustard or barbecue sauce, or something spicy, or a fruity salsa (think peach, pineapple, or mango even corn). Hope this helps!
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