Desserts that will stay fresh for 48 hours?

I'm traveling to a wedding this August and need to bring some baked goods. The trick is that the reception is a Saturday evening, and I'm making the 6 hour drive on Friday morning, so anything that I bake will have to be prepared on Thursday night and expected to last (or come out of the freezer on Friday morning). I'm used to freezing pies etc., but not sure how something will hold up if it's defrosting in the car all day.

Any thoughts on what can be baked on Thurs night and still taste reasonably good on Saturday night? I was thinking thumbprint cookies or meringues might hold up? Not sure about a pie?

Any thoughts about out-of-fridge defrosting in this situation would also be welcome! Thanks!

  • Posted by: sarah
  • July 5, 2014


mainecook61 July 8, 2014
Banana cake. Carrot cake.
ChefJune July 7, 2014
I would buy some of those large insulated bags (I see them regularly at Whold Foods) that will keep your baked goods frozen for at least 4 hours of your trip. The AC in the car should help, as well. I wouldn't carry them in the trunk. It gets too hot in there. Most cookies will hold up. Not sure about meringues, tho -- they become victims of humidity. I'm thinking fruit pies will hold up, too. I'm iffy about custardy pies or meringue, though.
Gabriella July 7, 2014
This country cake works really well if you are able to make fresh whipped cream and berries. It freezes really well and is very summery. I've made it several times and is a great take on strawberry shortcake except with a denser more flavorful sponge cake. It serves many- makes two cakes- but if that is more than needed you can just save one of them for a dinner party or bbq. I've also had it filled with vanilla icecream and peaches which is tasty too!
Rebecca July 7, 2014
You could do a cake rather than a dessert, that way it won't need refrigerating: have a look at these:
boulangere July 5, 2014
Cheesecake freezes exceptionally well. Depart with it(them) frozen, plan to cut when the time arrives.
Declan July 5, 2014
Meringue nests ...
Just garnish them with flavored cream, or custard, and local berries which you can pick up at a stand en-route.
Susan W. July 5, 2014
I would say cookies and bars are your best bet. My favorite bars are Silver Palate's Pecan Squares. They have a shortbread crust that is so good. I have made them with pecans and with macadamia nuts. Sometimes with chocolate chips and sometimes without. They stand up well to traveling. I would freeze everything, pack in ziplock bags and transport in coolers.
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