How long raw shrimp I ceviche before eating

  • Posted by: Liz
  • September 20, 2014


Pegeen September 22, 2014
For a dozen whole shrimp, peeled and deveined, let them sit in about 2 cups lime juice for about 20 minutes to cook them.
Tony S. September 22, 2014
I've never heard of using raw shrimp in ceviche. I believe there are health concerns with eating raw shrimp unless you are using something along the lines of a spot prawn.

That being said, once the shrimp are poached, you do not need to marinate them for very long.
Susan W. September 22, 2014
Using raw shrimp in ceviche is definitely a thing. It's done that way all over. Of course, if you have concerns, you should abstain from ceviche, sushi, tuna tartar etc.
Susan W. September 20, 2014
If sliced thin or chopped, 5-10 minutes is adequate. Then I combine with the rest of the ingredients and chill for an hour.
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