A stew recipe called for beef chuck but the grocery store was out. The butcher suggested short ribs, he said it was the same. Is that correct

  • Posted by: TDeu
  • September 24, 2014


Chris September 28, 2014
Take a walk on the wild side. Shorts ribs will taste great in place of beef chunks. Little more fat, fatty. Better flavor. Enjoy!
Susan W. September 28, 2014
I totally agree.
nancy E. September 28, 2014
Susan W. I am in British Columbia. The short ribs here are as much as prime rib. All the braising cuts have gone through the roof but none more than Short Ribs :(
Susan W. September 28, 2014
Wow Nancy! That's crazy. Grass fed chuck here is $7.99 lb and GF short ribs are $5.99 lb.
Mary September 28, 2014
Same down here in Florida. Short Ribs are expensive for some reason
nancy E. September 27, 2014
B eef chuck is an inexpensive cut, Short ribs are hugely expensive.
Susan W. September 27, 2014
Not sure where you are, but chuck and short ribs are the same price or ribs may be a little less in my experience because of all the bone.
boulangere September 24, 2014
It's sort of like the difference between a pork butt/shoulder and pork short ribs. The latter will cook and tenderize much faster because of their lesser mass. I suspect that is what your butcher was trying to communicate. The fat may be higher, but the collagen content will be similar, and the low, slow cooking of collagen is what gives the result its tender silkiness.
plainhomecook September 24, 2014
I would expect there to be a LOT more fat. You might want to build in time to cool your stew, then defat it once the fats have solidified, then reheat.
ChefJune September 24, 2014
No, they are NOT the same, but you should be able to substitute short ribs. There is probably more fat in the short ribs, and you will probably not want to cut the meat into as small of chunks as you would have with the chuck.
Susan W. September 24, 2014
I think the butcher was referring to the fact that beef chuck short ribs and chuck roast have many similarities. I doubt he was saying that they are literally the same.
Susan W. September 24, 2014
It will work in that they are high in fat, flavor and collagen like chuck. Are they boneless? If not, you will need more because of the bone. I think it will be delicious.
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