Vegan lunch box ideas!

Hey all! I started seeing someone who is vegan and I wanted to surprise him with lunch for work this week. He does contracting work so nothing that needs to be microwaved and of course must be vegan!



Catherine September 29, 2014
Hummus, Israeli salad, and pita wedges! You can go with traditional hummus, or change it up by adding roasted peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, different spices, herbs, etc.
HalfPint September 29, 2014
If he has access to hot water (like for coffee, tea), you can pack homemade noodle cups,
There's link for a vegetarian version at the end of the article. This looks so totally awesome, I can't wait to try making my own.
ChefJune September 29, 2014
I love, love, love this wonderful salad here of Food52: Since we don't care for tahini, I make a lemon/Dijon vinaigrette for it, and often add a handful or two of wild arugula for added texture and a bit of bitter.
Hayleilei September 29, 2014
lot's of premade puff pastry is actually vegan (check the packet!) so you could go for a very traditional british packed lunch and make vegan pasties! fill with a traditional mix of peas, carrots, and vegan mince, or make a lightly spiced samosa-inspired filling of red lentils. pack with a pear and a flask of hot apple cider if it's cold out :)
THE M. September 28, 2014
I would serve him this "Vacation in the Tropics" salad - but include an ice pack so that the salad stays fresh!
dinner A. September 28, 2014
I love this peanut-sauced shredded cabbage salad:
I often add some tofu that's been firmed up somehow. Boiling sliced tofu is the easiest and works well, but pan frying or broiling it with a little oil to crisp it is extra nice.
The peanut sauce also makes a great sauce for a soba or udon noodle salad, which you could also add vegetables and tofu to as you wish, for another dish that's good at room temp.
SKK September 28, 2014
My way of eating is flexitarian, and I love Jennifer Cornbleet's recipes even if they are labeled raw. Here is a link to her blog with lunches. (Raw and vegan are totally compatible.)
Here is a link to Jennifer Cornbleet's blog. Her book which I use all the time is 'Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 people' revised edition.
Meaghan F. September 28, 2014
A homemade loaf of bread and a pot of whole grains are the first two things to master... You can make million variations from there.
creamtea September 28, 2014
You can slice tempeh, fry it on all sides until crisp. Remove from the pan, puree shallots, garlic, hot red chiles (dried, but fresh could probably work too) in a mini-processor, add tamarind paste or lemon juice, salt and brown sugar. Fry the paste a few minutes in the same pan with additional oil, re-add the fried tempeh, stir to coat the pieces. Scrumptious hot or cold. Make some brown rice or a chopped salad to enjoy with it. This is based on a Madhur Jaffrey recipe from her book, World of the East Vegetarian Cooking. Or, saute some tofu cubes in oil; top with mixed shredded herbs (mint, lemongrass, basil, some fresh hot red pepper, or diced bell pepper for the meek), and maybe a squirt of lime. Some cucumber rounds or cherry tomatoes on the side would go well.
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