Can I substitute expresso powder for instant coffee powder that's called for in a chocolate pudding tart ?

  • Posted by: Jo-ell
  • October 5, 2014


CarlaCooks October 6, 2014
I only keep instant espresso powder (no instant coffee) and I've never had a problem with it. I agree with Straberrygirl and Andrea Nguyen in that you can use less of it if you're worried about the taste being too strong. However, I've never noticed a strong coffee flavor when using it in chocolate desserts, so don't fret too much. Happy baking!
strawberrygirl October 5, 2014
That should be fine. Espresso powder has a stronger flavour than instant coffee, so you might consider using a bit less espresso powder than the amount of instant coffee powder called for in the recipe so as not to impact the overall flavour of the tart.
Andrea N. October 6, 2014
Add maybe 75% of the espresso to the instant and consider tasting the mixture to gauge the flavor. It's easy to add more of an ingredient than to remove it.
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