Tuna Loin Recipe -- Marinade and/or Sauce?

The Friend was walking the dog this morning and met a new neighbor, who happens to be a professional fisherman. They made a deal -- in exchange for a dozen of The Friend's best chocolate chip cookies in the universe (the NYT Recipe, made with chocolate discs instead of chips, and KAF vanilla), we received a couple of pounds of extremely fresh tuna. (Yep - we're the luckiest people in DC today!) I made dinner with one of the loins this evening -- sliced it, coated the edges with sesame oil and cracked black pepper, seared it and served it with a soy/rice vinegar/ginger/etc sauce. Pretty good, but not wonderful. With three more loins -- all trimmed, well-wrapped and tucked away in the freezer -- I need ideas!



Susan W. October 8, 2014
Tuna tacos/tostadas are awesome. Tuna poached in olive oil is so good. Tuna carpaccio or ceviche..yum. I like to keep it simple with good fish.
bigpan October 8, 2014
Instead of black pepper on the edges to sear, try a mixture of white and black sesame seeds. They should not burn as you with sear very quickly. They will tie in with the sesame oil (use very little, maybe dilute it with grapeseed as sesame oil has a strong flavor).
Pegeen October 8, 2014
Lucky you! Fresh tuna is a big favorite.

These are delicious and could be a fun take: Polpette di Vitello Tonnato (Veal and Tuna meatballs)

Tuna Sates with Wasabi Mayo

A salade Nicoise with seared tuna, perhaps using this mustard seed crust?

Grilled tuna with caramelized miso shallot s
bigpan October 6, 2014
What was not so wonderful?
The tuna, the cooking, the sauce ?
Melusine October 6, 2014
The sauce, and even though I only coated the edges, probably too much cracked black pepper.
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