Looking for a recipe for venison. In particular the neck.

I have never cooked venison before let alone the neck part of animal. Would braising be a good option?



aargersi October 7, 2014
Did a kind hunter share with you? I think low and slow is the way to go (that is a poem!) and also remember that with game the flavors are stronger, so you want flavors that will stand up to the game, with venison I love using red wine and garlic, some beef stock and rosemary and juniper berries and bay leaf. Strong flavors
Susan W. October 6, 2014
Braising is a great way to handle neck bones. I braise beef and lamb neck bones all winter. Also, I am in the process of making gingerroot's Spicy Sesame Pork soup that called for pork neck bones. I am using beef because I had them available. I have one more step to go, but the broth alone may be the best thing I have tasted.
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