Cooking a bone-in veal breast (~3 lbs).

I would like to cook it in a manner that isn't brown and braise then serve.

Have been considering smoking then braising.



thirschfeld April 12, 2011
Personally I am not a huge fan of smoke and citrus
nerditry April 12, 2011
Thank you both!

I was thinking of treating it as I often do with garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper, herbs and citrus, but may cut back to just s&p and citrus with consideration to veal's delicate flavors.
usuba D. April 12, 2011
Make a pocket between the bone and meat and stuff with a ground veal or pork sausage mixture. Then cook and smoke slowly.
thirschfeld April 12, 2011
I see the weight of it, 2 to 3 hours and I would probably only smoke it for 30 minutes.
thirschfeld April 12, 2011
A couple of things. If I were going to smoke it I would smoke it at a low temperature for a short period of time, at most 40 to 60 min. Veal has such a delicate flavor that you probably don't want to much smoke. Rather than braise it I would probably then wrap it in foil with onions and any aromatics you might want and then finish it in a low temp oven, 275. I would probably remove it from the foil for the last hour of cooking so you get a crispy crunch on the exterior with a creamy fatty interior. Veal breat is fun to cook with. Realize these times are just guestaments since I don't know the size or weight of the veal.
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