Lahey Pizza Dough - Rising Again in refrigerator

Prepared the JH pizza dough per the recipe in his book, "My Pizza," and after it had risen (18 hours) I then covered it with plastic and put it in the refrigerator for use a day later, as the recipe states, but the dough kept rising and broke through the plastic wrapping. I just punched it down and re-wrapped, but wondered if the refrigerator rising was normal. Not a big deal other than the dough drying out when it busted through the plastic wrap.



Sam1148 October 7, 2014
I used to use a tall tupperware container for dough to rise in the 'fridge. But it was appropriated to store rice. Now, when I go to the supermarket I pick up a few of those large produce bags.
Erin A. October 7, 2014
I put it in the coldest part of the fridge that won't freeze it, and use clean yogurt containers or rubbermaid to hold it, since having the lid attached helps prevent it breaking out. Once a day, or when I see it teying to break out, I punch it down. Totally normal.
jimmyray October 7, 2014
Erin and Aargesi - thanks much. Reassuring. Appreciate it!
aargersi October 7, 2014
Funny because I made the Lahey dough over the weekend too! I also put it in the fridge and it rose a bit more but it was great when I baked it - just stretched it out and it was fine. Incidentally, I replaced 1/4 c of flour with cornmeal, and 1/2 c water with beer ... it's great crust!!!
dinner A. October 7, 2014
Yeasted dough will normally continue to rise slowly if you refrigerate it -- yeast growth is slowed but not stopped at cold temperatures.
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