i just used active dry yeast instead of rapid rise by mistake. The pizza dough call for a lot of water. Will I be ok?



baker2 January 18, 2014
Right on!
boulangere January 18, 2014
You'll be fine. Rapid rise is a strain of yeast developed to, well, rise more rapidly. Yours will take a bit longer, but in the long run, you'll have a wonderful pizza.
plainhomecook January 18, 2014
I would think so. It might just rise a bit slower. As long as you have a good well-kneaded dough (springs back, blisters if you stretch it) and let it rise, covered, in about 85 degrees (over the pilot light if you have a gas stove, or just switch the electric oven on for a minute) it should be fine. Please let us know what happens.
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