Chewy pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe?

Does anyone have a good recipe for chewy pumpkin chocolate chip cookies? I'm looking for a recipe that does NOT turn out like poofy/cakey/muffin tops. Thanks!

  • Posted by: Princey
  • October 8, 2014


sfmiller October 11, 2014
I played around with this idea, using the handletheheat recipe above as a starting point. In order to minimize the moisture in the dough, I cooked down the pumpkin and also lightly browned the butter. Shooting for a cookie that spoke more of pumpkin and less of holiday spices, I backed off the cinnamon and ditched the cloves and ginger. (Add them back if you want; it won't hurt my feelings!)

The result was definitely chewy-not-cakey, kind of like an old-school molasses cookie in texture.
ReisTanzi October 14, 2014
Thanks sfmiller! I'll try these out.
ReisTanzi October 10, 2014
I've tried this as well and had the same undesired cakey result. I haven't tried, but I think a good solution might be to use pumpkin butter,either purchased or homemade- along the same lines as sfmiller's suggestion to cook the pumpkin down before making cookies. You'd get more flavor with less volume / water. If you find a solution, please share the results!
Claire S. October 9, 2014
Here's my recipe

It is a little on the cakey side so I might work on a chewier version, probably with more maple syrup.

I didn't have the problem sfmiller mentioned, the pumpkin puree was already really thick to the point where cooking it down wouldn't really have achieved anything. Maybe it depends which brand you get?
Susan W. October 9, 2014
Those look so good. They look chewy to me. I love that it's for 4 cookies. I like making #2pencil's four choc chip cookies. Very excited to try a pumpkin version.
sfmiller October 9, 2014
That's a tall order, because pumpkin puree is loaded with water, and water in the dough makes for cakey cookies.

These two recipes claim to produce the kind of cookie you're looking for and describe the tweaks they used to get a chewy result. I haven't tried either one; caveat emptor.

It struck me that neither recipe included much pumpkin (1/3 cup and 6 tablespoons per 1 1/2 cups flour, respectively), so don't expect a lot of pumpkin flavor. If I were making them, I'd try cooking the pumpkin puree down before measuring it, to get rid of some of the water.
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