PicklePals, I need your help again . . . I want to make food52'er Kevin's Pork Brined in Cider with Apples .http://www.food52.com/recipes...
but have a five-pound shoulder instead of the 2.5 in his recipe. How do I adjust the brining ingredient quantities for this size roast? Should the brining time period be any different? Any other adjustments to the recipe? I'm making this tomorrow!! Thanks so much. You all are the best. ;o)



Amanda H. December 24, 2010
Antonia, just noticed a large container in my sister's fridge and asked her what it was. Turns out it was this exact recipe! Her shoulder is 10 lbs and she just doubled the brine, and it was fully covered. She also told me she's planning to grill it. So, tomorrow, we'll be enjoying the same dinner menu, at least in part!
Amanda H. December 24, 2010
For the brining, you only need to change the proportions for volume so you have enough to cover the shoulder. And 24 hours is usually plenty for any brine.
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