Baking a kugelhopf in a round cake pan

Any problems with this besides longer baking time and too much dough? I want to make two round sweet yeasted cakes. Any advice and suggestions appreciated!

Sarah Jampel


jamcook October 20, 2014
Hi Sarah ..just wondering. What you finally did with your cakes, and how they came out ?
jamcook October 16, 2014
Sarah: A small heat proof duralex or Pyrex glass or custard cup could work to make a center hole. However, as I assume you do a lot of baking , there are cake pans with interchangeable bottoms, flat or tubed . I have a 9 inch springform like this which comes in very handy. By the time you put collars on your pans, and something in the center, it will start to get kind of fiddly. Over the years I have collected pans as I needed them for specific baking projects ( I even have a Kugelhopf pan , which I Love!) maybe this is the time to invest in exactly what you need.. You'll have the pans forever.
boulangere October 15, 2014
Do you have some large, round pastry tips that you could hold in place in the center as you scrape in the dough? Dense doughs such as Kugelhopf greatly benefit from a central passage for heat.
Sarah J. October 16, 2014
Wow, that's a great tip. Is there anything other than large pastry tip that might work?
jamcook October 15, 2014
You might want to put foil collars around the pans to support a higher rise.
Sarah J. October 15, 2014
Very good point!
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