Alternative baking dish for pie? I am making two pies Saturday but do not have pie plates (have round cake pans). Thanks!!

  • Posted by: janecf
  • November 27, 2013


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jamcook November 27, 2013
You have until Saturday.. You can buy a couple of pie pans...they are fairly inexpensive ( Pyrex) or downright cheap, (aluminum)..then you will have the right equipment,and no misshapen pies.
Declan November 27, 2013
Have you got a springform? Such as you would use for a cheesecake. Works great
luvcookbooks November 27, 2013
You can use your round cake pans, I've done that, just not as snazzy looking.
dymnyno November 27, 2013
You could make a galette. No pan is needed.
Kenzi W. November 27, 2013
Do you have a tart pan? You could also hack a tart pan with a baking sheet and tin foil...or make a slab pie on a baking sheet or jelly roll pan!
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