What delightful thing can i do with leftover highend French pastries

Beverly Collet


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amysarah October 19, 2014
Leftover and French pastry...this concept doesn't compute. Eating them would be the most delightful, but if that's not an option, wrap them well and freeze. Next time you need a fancy dessert, but don't have time to conjure one up, you'll be glad.
Beverly C. October 19, 2014
Thanks so much!! I made a bread pudding and I used the apple and pear to make a wonderful stuffing mixed with cornbread, Just tasted it and it is divine!!!

Cheers ladies
Lynne H. October 19, 2014
If you just have a few, run the leftover pastries thru your food processor and dust the crumbs on a buttered springform pan. Perfect 'crust' for cheesecake!
Meaghan F. October 19, 2014
Bread pudding?
Michele October 19, 2014
Assuming you have eaten some and saved a couple of days worth to have with tea or coffee maybe you can freeze them? If you do it in manageable amounts or wrap in parchment you can defrost them as needed and perk them up in a warm oven.
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