is frozen puff pastry as good as freshly made?

i've never made the french classic galette des rois. it uses puff pastry

  • Posted by: alan
  • October 20, 2022


Stephanie G. October 21, 2022
Dufour is pretty delicious.
702551 October 21, 2022
When you make your own puff pastry, you have extra control. The biggest advantage is that you can pick better ingredients.

I've used imported French butter for pastries and it really does make a difference. It has a vastly superior flavor over the typical domestic butters found in US supermarkets.

That alone makes making your own puff pastry from scratch worth it.
alan October 20, 2022
i googled it and it said commercial PP can have shortening in it whereas homemade is all butter. latter is better.
Nancy October 21, 2022
Alan - yes Google is correct about some but not all store-bought puff pastry made with shortening.
There IS commercial puff pastry made with butter, and it’s both a great convenience and good tasting. Check the labels before buying.
alan October 21, 2022
i only made puff pastry once. i should learn to become more proficient w it. i would then choose the best butter possible and then make. i do believe in using the best ingredients. tx
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