I have been trying learn how to make a ravioli pasta that is very soft, very yellow and about 1/8" thick when cooked. Tks.

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jim schick


Maedl October 24, 2014
Jim, can you tell a bit about the ravioli you are trying to make? Since you say it is very yellow, I am thinking it is northern Italian and contains eggs. What kind of flour are you using? Semolina? All purpose? And do you know anything about the background of the recipe, like where it originated? I can't say I think of pasta as being fluffy, so that confuses me.
Maedl October 21, 2014
What is it that you need help with--finding a recipe or actually making a recipe that you already have?
Meaghan F. October 21, 2014
Typically responses are posted here, so that other people can use them as a reference if they have a similar problem. There are plenty of resources on Food 52 and the Internet in general for making fresh pasta. For best results, you'll need high-quality eggs (that yellow you're looking for is from the yolks, and better eggs = brighter yolks), a pasta maker (the kind with adjustable rollers and that you clamp to a counter or table), and patience to learn from your mistakes as you go since it will probably take a couple tries to get it right!
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