Halloween, what tastes fabulous, looks dark and interesting, but isn't repulsive ?

Have a Halloween party for 40-60, not sure yet, going to be heavy decor, a big fat zombie hand meat loaf, any other ideas? Tried and tested?

Kim Bowen


drbabs October 27, 2014
There was a "Your Best Halloween Treat" contest here at Food52:
Shuna L. October 26, 2014
Grind black tea in a spice grinder and make shortbread with it. I recently made Hojicha & Puerh shortbreads that were black, and divinely delicious.

I second the Forbidden Black Rice - it can be made sweet or savory.

Licorice is black, if you like the flavor.

Blueberry jam, especially made with dried blueberries, is blue-black.

Buckwheat flour can make baked goods very dark blue-grey. I've been making a lot of scones & biscotti with 20% buckwheat flour and the end baked good is quite dark.

Espresso in baked goods makes for a deeply black-brown loveliness.

Brownies are black.

Mole sauce is very dark, and wonderfully complex. A blue masa tamale with mole sauce could look exquisitely creepy and be ridiculously delicious. You could fill it with red bell peppers for a ghoulish effect!
Andrea N. October 27, 2014
You rock, Shuna!
strawberrygirl October 26, 2014
Maybe this is too repulsive, but I've made eyeballs out of fresh mozzarella balls. The Trader Joe's marinated mozzarella balls work really well for this since the flecks of spices in the marinade add a certain gruesome touch to the final product. The easy way is to add a slice of olive with pimento on top to make an iris and pupil, but it looks way better if you use the technique described here: http://dabbled.org/halloween-food-dots-mozzarella-eyeballs/

You can also use Halloween cookie cutters to make pita chips or tortilla chips in spooky shapes.
Kim B. October 23, 2014
Thank you everyone. I am new here, not certain how to answer individually. Of course Martha, who else!? I did a practice run of Jello worms today, I will serve them to kids, quite fabulously disgusting, my boyfriend ran away, and my kids ran toward.
Making a red velvet cake, buttercream icing drizzled in raspberry coulis with an axe in it, mini-mummy pizzas, scary (martha) cheese plate, covered in bees. Beer can chicken with old and frightening dolls heads on..... Pumpkin (black) spewing guacamole, witches fingers, a big meat loaf zombie foot.... ummm devilled eggs. I love the squid ink idea... I have pinterested the heck out of this, by the way. Going to study your suggestions, thank you xxx
Lindsay-Jean H. October 23, 2014
Sounds like a great lineup -- hope it goes well!
Rachel P. October 23, 2014
I did black and orange spaghetti in a bowl with a butter sauce and it was a huge hit. The soft gel food coloring has intense color so the pasta looked super Halloweenish. Bright orange and dark black. Just add a few drops of color to the boiling water as you cook the spaghetti. Kids loved it.
witchykitchen October 22, 2014
Yes on the squid ink pasta idea! There is also forbidden rice you can do (make a pilaf tossed with nuts, currants, and cubes of roasted pumpkin. Goat cheese rolled in black pepper or black sesame seeds would be good too.

Here's some other ideas (heh, I too have been collecting spooky party recipes that aren't gross):

Susan W. October 22, 2014
I love the idea of forbidden rice. I forgot all about it. The name alone...
Andrea N. October 23, 2014
You can buy forbidden rice in "ramen". It's pricey but something good for the gluten-free eaters:

Sam1148 October 22, 2014
This looks interesting: http://www.marthastewart.com/341908/cauldron-curry#Our%20Favorite%20Halloween%20Recipes|/275177/our-favorite-halloween-recipes/@center/1006805/halloween-recipes|341908

You could serve this in a hollowed out partially baked pumpkin.

I've also used a pumpkin hollowed out and partially baked to serve a cooked rice pilaf.
By partially...not enough to make it very soft..but enough to warm things through and maybe a little color.

You could probably find a recipe for a vegan curry or something to serve in a pumpkin for Vegan guests.
Susan W. October 22, 2014
I would probably have to have a squid ink pasta salad. It can be made ahead and served room temp. You could do an Asian flavor profile with red peppers, green onions and cilantro or parsley so it's not solid black. Also, a friend of mine made little meatball rats with raw carrot slices for ears. I think pinenuts were the eyes. They were so cute, but still Halloweenie.
Michele October 22, 2014
My Halloween staple for years has been Ghoulash. Basically beef stew, spices and the fancy name with egg noddles. I also have ventured into Bats and Cobwebs (from Martha Stewart) which is bowtie pasta and mozzarella that pulls apart like cobwebs - kids and grownups love it.
amysarah October 22, 2014
Might be more than you want to pull off for that many guests, but either black squid ink pasta, or a Spanish arroz negro (or squid ink risotto) would be very dark, interesting and tastes the opposite of repulsive. Also, crostini spread with goat cheese, generously topped with black olive tapenade is easy ad fits your criteria.
HalfPint October 22, 2014
Nigella Lawson's Blood & Guts Potatoes,

Easy tasty and scales up well.
We don't limit this to just Halloween ;)
Meaghan F. October 22, 2014
When in doubt, PINTEREST!
Bevi October 22, 2014
Giada had a show with great Halloween treats: http://www.foodnetwork.com/search/search-results.recipes.html?searchTerm=Halloween+&filters=show%1FGiada+at+Home%1F4294961978&form=module&_charset_=UTF-8

Voted the Best Reply!

Lindsay-Jean H. October 22, 2014
I've gotten a lot of ideas from Martha Stewart in the past: http://www.marthastewart.com/275177/our-favorite-halloween-recipes/@center/1006805/halloween-recipes and Yossy Arefi's Spider Cake (https://food52.com/blog/8616-homemade-halloween-spider-cake) might be a good option since you're feeding a crowd.
Meaghan F. October 22, 2014
Martha = queen of Halloween. And most other holidays too, I suppose.
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