chickpeas : soaked way too many-how soon do they have to be frozen to be saved?

I soaked my chickpeas and realized afterwards I had soaked about 3 times the number I could cook at 1 time. I didn't know until reading some posts on this site and another new site I found today I could have frozen them. I just drained them and refrigerated until I have the heart to toss them. How long could they refrigerate before freezing or have to be tossed?
Thanks for helping. I get tired of tossing my "good intentions".



ChezHenry October 24, 2014
You should have fried up some falafel, or roasted them! The issue is they begin to ferment...Personally I dont like freezing beans, the texture changes too much for my liking.
Susan W. October 24, 2014
I have great luck freezing beans. I soak them, sprout them, cook them and then freeze them. I wonder if sprouting makes a difference? Sometimes, I freeze them after sprouting them and before cooking them. The texture is always great.
Susan W. October 24, 2014
Good question. How long has it been? Days? Weeks? Months? If they are refrigerated, 3 days is what Dr Google says. I have kept mine up to a week, but that's me. I eat raw eggs (from healthy pastured hens) too, so take me with a grain of salt.
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