Looking for a source on whole roasted turkeys for this Thanksgiving in NYC, preferably downtown.



ChezHenry October 25, 2014
Citarella. Their stuffing and sides are great, as are their cheeses, etc. A one stop shop for high quality food makes this ur best choice imho. 9th street & 6th ave in the Village.
susan_levytsky October 25, 2014
Thanks, everyone. Looks like my best bets in the city are Citarella, Fairway, Fresh Direct, Whole Foods and Zabar's. Fresh Direct and Whole Foods (Tribeca) will also deliver.
amysarah October 25, 2014
You might want to check Ottomanelli's - the one in the W. Village (Bleecker, just east of 7th Ave.) Excellent quality butchers - I've bought fresh turkeys there, but you might be able to order a roast one. I don't think they have a website - very old school - so you'd have to call. Or stop by - great place.
susan_levytsky October 25, 2014
Good idea! Will check with them, haven't been there in years.
Cristina October 25, 2014
Fresh direct
Seattle M. October 25, 2014
Try Whole Foods
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