making right now! :-) Question... do i seal the crust onto top of skillet? or tuck around the apples (into where skillet meets apples)? thanks so...


Nancy Henderson
Tarte Tatin
Recipe question for: Tarte Tatin


mainecook61 October 26, 2014
Take a look at Julia Moskin's recipe for "foolproof" tarte tatin in the New York Times, 10/22/14. Really, you can't go wrong.
Susan W. October 26, 2014
You definitely want to lay the crust on the apples and tuck the edges in. I usually shoot for about 1/2 inch tucked in.
Nancy H. October 26, 2014
thanks for replying so quickly!! perfect!! exactly what I needed to know. think your recipe will be the perfect dessert for the perfect Canadian autumn day!!
Susan W. October 26, 2014
It's not my recipe, but I have made my fair share and it's a perfect fall dessert. :)
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