I want to make mini tart apple pies with crumble top

I have Erin Mcdowells Book of Pies and can I use her apple pie favorite. Dont know time to bake crust for bottom. should I use the "buttah crust recipe?

Stephanie Warren


Emma L. September 30, 2021
Hi Stephanie! Melina Hammer actually just published some amazing apple pie cookies, which sound a lot like what you're aiming for. Recipe link here in case it provides some inspiration: https://food52.com/recipes/86477-best-apple-pie-cookies-recipe
aargersi September 30, 2021
Her buttah crust never fails! Even though you’re baking minis, you’ll need enough time for the fruit to fully cook. I don’t have the book but I think you’ll need to simply keep an eye on them - follow the directions but test the fruit for softness and keep an eye in the crusts that they don’t burn. If Erin pops in she might have more precise thoughts …
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