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A question about a recipe: Baked Kebbeh Pie

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I have a question about the recipe "Baked Kebbeh Pie" from Bethany. In this recipe, Step 5 is confusing. Looking at the recipe with images, it looks like the pie is shell-filling-shell, but the recipe sounds like it is saying shell-filling-shell-shell. Can you explain what is intended?

asked by Keegan Brown almost 4 years ago

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added almost 4 years ago

I haven't made this, but from reading the recipe, it looks like shell-filling-shell is correct. What is confusing is that there is meat in both layers, so I think the author means the meat "paste" to be the mix with the bulghur, that's what you are calling the shell, and the "filling" is the sauteed meat and onions.

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Keegan Brown
added almost 4 years ago

Thank you for your response!

I agree that the meat being included in both layers is a little confusing. My question arises from the layers I interpret from the steps outlined in section 4.

Layer 1:
Remove 1/3 of the prepared meat paste and spread it out into the base of the greased pan, creating a thin, even layer. You can dap your fingers into the ice cold water to help with spreading the meat but you just want drops of water on your fingers or else the meat becomes too wet.

Layers 2&3
Next, evenly spread the filling mixture across the first layer and then remove about half of the remaining meat paste and flatten it in between the palms of your hands before laying it above the layer of filling.

Layer 4:
Repeat once more with the remaining paste. Dab your fingers in the ice water and then very gently stretch the meat to connect it together creating an even, top layer.

From the images it appears to have 3 layers, with layers 1 & 3 having the same thickness. From this description in step 4 I read it as having 4 layers. I imagine that layers 3 and 4 could appear as a single layer, but would be (together) twice as thick as layer 1.

Thank you again